Friday, July 25, 2008

Just call me.....

Copy Cat Winter! I made two W's for my wall inspired by Lacy! I also painted the bucket and got new gerber daisies. I'm trying to be crafty -- you gotta give me credit for trying :)


Does anyone have one of these? A Lovey! Landon has been sick all week so he's gotten much use out of his "lamp". Notice the ears frayed. He likes to stick his finger in lamp's ears and tails and pull on them.

Sorry to stick lamp's rear in your face, but I had to show the feet and tail so you can see just how 'used' he is!

Landon has these perfectly intact "lamps" but he prefers mutilating the original lamb. HOWEVER, he MUST carry around all 3. So instead of one lovey he has 3 for mom to keep up with!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Background

Denise called me 5 seconds ago to tell me to check out her new background (which is totally cute). So I had to check out the site ( and look what I found! Firetrucks! xoxoxo

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

150 degrees!

Is it not 150 degrees outside????!!! My gosh -- I melt the moment I walk to my car in my driveway!

(do you like the way we rigged up the umbrella?? We don't have a stand! He he)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Martina McBride Concert

I do have a life!! I was invited by some wonderful long time friends to see Martina McBride at The Woodlands Pavilion last night. It was fun. She puts on a great concert and has an unbelievable voice!! My friend Tiffany is leaving Pappasitos as Office Administrator after 10 years! This was a going away thank you gift to her from her General Manager. So sweet! She deserves it!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

21 Fellowship Church

If you have not checked out this blog page for the new church going up in Midway, Texas -- YOU MUST! Kris (the pastor) has started this page as an update of the church. I am inspired every time I read it. God is good and His people need to be doing HIS work! Love and prayers to 21 Fellowship!!!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Froggy Friend

Many of you know I have an obsession with frogs. Especially the beautiful bright green ones! I have a couple really cute stories about them too, but I'll have to tell you another time because it would take too long to type. Anyway, when I found out about the acronym Forever Rely On God I was so excited. I knew I loved frogs for a reason!

I love frogs so much that when I found out I was pregnant with Landon I decided to do his room in frogs and now his bathroom is in frogs (his room is now cars).

Long story short, we had our first "froggy friend" at our new house! I was so excited. He was on our back door window. I know the picture is awful, what can I say (Robin wasn't here)!!?? Say hello to my little friend.....

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tribute to Aunt RaRa (aka Robin)

My sister-in-law (Robin) is a wonderful photographer. As a matter of fact I think I will hire her to do our next family photo shoot (I better be sure she's ok with it first!!). Many times if it were not for her I would not have any pictures of events. She has definately "made" my photo albums for Landon. She's wonderful and we love her. These are a few photos she sent me today. Thank you Auntie RaRa. What would we do without you??!! oxoxxo

Friday, July 11, 2008


After :)
After :)

I am the first to admit I am NOT crafty. So any time I lift a finger at all and use some paint, I must share!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The cousins stay the night...

So the guitar is pink -- it's still cool! Ha -- Landon loved playing with his cousin's guitar. It was just the right size!

Braden, Kenley, and Brenton stayed the night Sunday night. Braden is playing my guitar that I have yet to learn! Maybe one day!

This is Brenton. He is so funny and bright. His "vote for pedro" shirt gives you a little glimpse of who he is! He loves to draw too.

Kenley and I did scrap booking together. The best pages are the ones she did! Thanks Ken :)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Praise God for America

Happy Independence Day! I am so thankful for the country we live in. It is so easy to take for granted all we have.

A while back I took a cab to the airport and the man driving was from Ethiopia. I asked him what he thought about America in general. He said, "in America, every day is a GOOD day." His point was -- he comes from a country of fear, poverty and famine. Americans have it great EVERY DAY! Be thankful :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Parent Life Magazine

I am loving this new magazine I started reading.....Parent Life. I actually picked it up at church for free, but you can subscribe to it. It's a Christian parenting magazine. I've found so many great articles that I've NEEDED to read. I wanted to share a little excerpt from it:

*Am I capable?
*Am I lovable?
*How will boys treat me?
*How should I relate to boys?
*Am I good at physical activities?
*Do I get along with others?
*Do I have appropriate behavior, values, and morals?

*Am I bright?
*Can I do things?
*How will girls relate to me?
*How should girls be treated?
*Do I like school?
*Do I help others?
*Am I a good person?

Just one more thing as parents to pay attention to....we are the biggest influence in our children's lives :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Phantom Lawn Mower

So BJ came home this morning from his shift and the first thing he said was "who cut our yard?" I said "huh -- I thought you were the one that missed those big patches under the swing set." Well aparently someone (probably a commercial lawn service) cut our yard by mistake. The kicker is you would think BJ would be glad, right?? One less week to mow -- WRONG! He was ticked! He is VERY proud of his yard. According to him they cut it too short and it looks like "crap". HA! Pretty funny....