Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer's End

I know it is not even August, but this was our last shindig for the summer. BJ has officially gotten his study material for his Captain's test, so we will not be seeing much of him for the next 4 months! He's got 4 books and tons of guidelines to memorize between now and November. However, we had a great time at Galveston yesterday. Landon couldn't get enough of the sand, water, and shells. We watched the baby clams dig into the sand and then back out again as the water washed over them -- it was so crazy looking -- they looked like baby rocks that move! We had dinner and even rode the ferries (Landon's first big boat ride - ha). It was a great family day!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

No more training wheels!

Landon has begged us for 6 months to take his training wheels off. With much hesitation BJ decided to do it yesterday. As you can tell BJ was very concerned and packed all the first aid items as we headed to a school parking lot. Well....we never had to use the first aid kit and within 5 minutes Landon was riding his bike with no training wheels! I was shocked. It's not perfected obviously, but he's on his way. It was so funny because after he would ride a long straight away and then get a little wobbly at the turn he'd stop, get off, and say "I need a break". We kept encouraging him back on...we are very proud of him!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


We are having a baby!!!!!!!! I am almost 14 weeks. My doc appointment was yesterday. I heard the heartbeat - it was 146. God is creating a little miracle. We can not be more thankful!!! Thank you for all your prayers.